What Would You Do With An Extra 5.8 Hours A Week?

I recently read the May 6 article in the New York Times where writer James B. Stewart shared that the amount of time users spend on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger combined is an average of 50 minutes a day (up from an average of 40 minutes in 2014). That’s over 5.8 hours a week and it isn’t even counting Pinterest, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Youtube or other social media outlets. Yikes!

Nobody seems to have enough time and this really got me thinking about the excuses I’ve heard repeatedly over the last few months:

I want to get more sleep, but it’s hard to get to bed on time because I’m busy

I’d like to get to yoga more often but can’t seem to find the time

I’d love to get back to taking Spanish classes but I’m too busy

Sound familiar? These are just a few of the dozens of actual excuses I have heard in the last two months, some of them repeatedly.  No, not from my coaching clients, but from me!

Perhaps this isn’t you. Perhaps you have all the time to do all the things you value most (and I sincerely hope you do).  But be honest with yourself. How much time do you give to facebook and other types of social media that you could be giving to something else, something that really matters to you?

Will this new knowledge lead me to give up facebook and other social media? Definitely not.  But next time I have an extra busy day or a deadline or I hear myself complaining that I don’t have time, I’ll be thinking about the 50 minutes that I can spend each day any way I want.