Here's how we can work together:


You know what you want and have a particular goal in mind.  Coaching gives you the insights, support and accountability to help you get there!

-A Coaching Kick-Off Session, either in person or via video conference, where we’ll explore your desires, values, goals, and what success means to you.

-A Custom Coaching Program that will guide our work together.  We’ll review the Program up-front and throughout our work together to ensure that you’re on-track and feeling excited about what’s ahead.

-A series of Coaching Sessions, generally held every two weeks, either in person or via video conference, during which we’ll explore your progress in your Coaching Program.  Along the way, I'll make additions and adjustments to keep your momentum going.
-A custom Go Forward Plan which will be created for you and delivered at the end of the program. This will enable you to continue to move forward even after our work together is done.

Deep Dive Session

Want to get a taste of coaching? In this 3 hour session you’ll gain clarity on where you want to go next.  We’ll go deep in thought-provoking exercises and discussions that’ll allow you to get to the truth about your feelings, goals and desires. Based on this work, I’ll create a custom Development Plan with tools and resources to get you started on your way.  Deep Dive Sessions are held either in person or via video conferencing.