One of the more surprising lessons I’ve learned is that the success we strive for can actually get in the way of real growth and happiness. For over 20 years, I devoted my energy to a career in sales and marketing. Along the way I earned an MBA, got promoted often, and enjoyed stints in Miami, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Southern California.

I worked hard, reaped the rewards, and was proud of my accomplishments. But over time, I slowly realized that I wasn’t living a life I desired. I was no longer passionate about my work and I was spending far too little time on the things I really loved: friends, fitness, and travel. Deep down I knew that change—probably big change—was needed.

It didn’t happen overnight, and it wasn’t always easy. But with a good deal of soul-searching and the support of some amazing coaches, I made changes that set my life on a path that felt true to me.

Today I live and work from the home I share with my fiancé in Paso Robles, a small town halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Through intensive training I’ve become a Certified Integral Coach. I now have the privilege of helping bright, creative clients in their quest to redefine “success” for themselves.

If you’re longing to live a more authentic, fulfilling life—and want the benefit of working with a coach who will be a committed partner—let’s schedule a free one-hour call to learn more about each other.