What clients are saying:

Winn leads with such genuine compassion, curiosity and enthusiasm. I am so thankful for having her support as a coach and through our work together I was able to successfully launch my new business, begin a new relationship, and move to a new home. I attribute much of my ability to do all of these things with integrity and grace because of the reliable and authentic support from Winn. Investing in her coaching was hands down the best investment I have made in myself and I will continue to appreciate our time and work together as I continue to grow! Winn will help you see yourself as the compassionate and capable badass that you ARE. Thank you Winn!
Sarah P. Huntington Beach, CA

Highly recommend! I was stuck and unhappy with my work situation when I found Winn. She truly listened, and guided me through the thought process I needed to realize where I wanted to go, as well as the steps I could take to get there. Drawing from her own (impressive!) professional background, coupled to her coaching training and innate capacity to empathize, Winn was able to help me develop and customize the perfect action plan I needed to move ahead.
Eileen F, Seattle, WA

Winn has the perfect mix of corporate & coaching experience, allowing her to empathize with a client's situation and approach it with a strong tool set.  When you are Winn's client, you become a priority and partner with her to craft a plan that is customized to your goals.  Winn helped me to take charge of my career, ask for what I want and even remove the blocks that I had created for myself.  I sought out coaching after spending years in a career rut, only to be presented with 3 growth opportunities, months after working with Winn.  I would recommend her to anyone looking for a strong partner in personal growth.
Stephanie A, Newbury Park, CA

Working with Winn was the added support necessary for me to step into the next stage of my life. Our bimonthly sessions became THE safe place for me to unpack all the confusion and overwhelm, feel heard and receive support, and return to a state of clarity after a huge life transition. Winn's confidence, keen sense for what's really going on, and her well of life experience and coaching tools were the boost I needed to get grounded and back in the game! 
Melissa Veler, Nashville, TN

Working with Winn has been an incredible gift. Her genuine compassion and holistic coaching approach allow her to meet you exactly where you are (without judgement), and help you see the potential of where you could be. Session after session, Winn has proved herself to be a committed partner in my success, and throughout the week, I find myself looking forward to sharing my progress, my setbacks, and my victories with her.  Winn has helped me gain clarity and confidence through challenging transitions in my career and my personal life, and though my coaching program is coming to a close, I feel confident in my ability to continue to grow and navigate future transitions independently. This empowerment to be self-confident and self-supporting, I believe, is the true sign of an incredible coach. Thank you, Winn, for helping me realize my potential is endless!
Aly R, Chicago, IL

My experience with Winn as a life coach has been wonderful.  When we first met, I felt my life was in disarray and I had no idea what direction I was going in.  I was newly divorced after a 24 year marriage and needed to take action, but felt too overwhelmed and scared to figure out where to start.  Through various conversations and exercises, Winn helped me find my confidence.  I finally feel I am on the road to knowing real peace and happiness, and I am ready to take on the world!  I could not have made so much progress so quickly without Winn’s guidance.  I cannot thank her enough!!
Linda Anderson, Atlanta, Georgia

Working with Winn while I completely restructured my business was a blessing. Her ability to help me focus so that I made time to take care of myself while I was busy “doing” things for my business helped me stay grounded so I didn’t work myself into illness. Winn’s combination of real world experience and intuition was instrumental in helping me keep the “being” and “doing” of life in balance. 
Annaliese Furnas, San Francisco, California

Right from the first few sessions she was able to hone in on certain challenges that I was having. With her guidance, and some resources and tools that she suggested, I’ve been more clearly able to understand the roots of those challenges and move myself forward in ways that I hadn’t thought possible. I think that the key has been that she worked with ME, the individual student that was in front of her, rather than some pattern that she had been taught, which I very much appreciated. Quite frankly, I feel that our work together is helping to deepen my experience of living, and I highly recommend Winn for anyone on a similar journey.
Mark M, Redmond, Washington

There's no one better to help you get "unstuck" than Winn! Having worked with Winn both regularly and then as needed, she has helped me find my way through countless difficult situations I've faced over the years. No one brings more heart, honesty and sometimes (when needed) humor, to life's greatest challenges.She has a way of getting you to look differently at the things you've feared most, clearing the way for some real breakthroughs in your life. Most recently, I was struggling with a work issue. Winn (very quickly) helped me get refocused, charged up, and ready to tackle the seemingly impossible mountain ahead of me! Some of it also flowed through to my personal life as well. I'm beyond grateful to have found Winn!
Giselle M, Greenwich, CT

Winn is a total gift: She is such a genuine and intelligent person, and so insightful, thoughtful and giving.  Her strategic advice for my business was easily actionable, forward-thinking and expansive.  She helped me push my limits and feel confident enough to step out of my comfort zone and get some real things done (both internally and externally).  And she also inspired me to think big!  You'll feel completely supported and empowered in her presence - I am sincerely grateful and highly recommend you get in touch with her if you're considering working with a coach to get some powerful results.
April M, Los Angeles, CA

Within months of working with Winn, I was shocked to find myself achieving objectives I had assumed were years away.
Winn understands that “wealth” can include more leisure time, life balance, and goals that are totally unique and personal for each person.
Greg Hittelman, Strategy/Media, Washington, DC

Winn's ability to get to the heart of the matter in your financial health and overall life picture sets her apart from other coaches.
Her soothing style and her ability to honor where you are at the time makes her an ideal coach.  After my husband died I was distraught and needed guidance on how to handle my life and finances ahead. I was referred to Winn by a close and well-respected friend. I'm so glad I used the referral because the immediate results that I saw from working with Winn lifted my spirits and positively impacted my life. Winn is a fusion of having the business and academic credentials to be an excellent life mentor, while also having street smarts to guide you in a practical and approachable way. I feel very fortunate to be mentored by Winn.
Mai T. Trinh, Alexandria, Virginia

Winn helped me get promoted into a management position with a 30% raise.  With her help, I accomplished significant savings goals with a few easy steps.  Winn’s exercises and discussion allowed me to identify my top goals and focus my energies on the highest return on investment activities for my time.  I highly recommend working with Winn for a variety of life goals including financial freedom, career, personal empowerment and self-actualization.  Winn is not only smart and wise, she is a lot of fun to work with.   
L. Schroeder, MA, MS, MBA, Dallas, TX

Testimonials For Workshops:

This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended and look forward to the next one!
Breakthrough You had a tremendous impact on me, one that I carry months after the workshop. I am a stronger person and more thoughtful in my actions and activities.  My goals are more defined, and because of this they have come to fruition. This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended and look forward to the next one!
Deena Z., Chicago, IL

I left the seminar feeling very clear, calm and confident and I still am feeling the effects.
In hindsight, the workshop was so vital to the kind of year I've created for myself so far.  I left the seminar feeling very clear, calm and confident and I still am feeling the effects. When I start wavering, I look back at my notes and I'm there again, remembering what I wanted to create and leaving behind that which isn't serving me. I think I need to do the program annually, if not semi-annually! Thank you for helping me kick off a fabulous year!
G. White, Director of Business Development, NYC hedge fund